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Get Involved is a youth-led non-profit organization that was founded in 2017. Its goal is to promote economic literacy using contemporary educational methods, such as experiential learning procedures. Furthermore, Get Involved aims to highlight current economic issues, using an interdisciplinary approach. The initiatives of Get Involved are mainly for university students.
Get Involved aims to serve as a bridge between distinguished academics, experienced professionals, important institutions and firms with university students. To achieve this, Get Involved has made strategic partnerships with eminent academics and professionals (Advisory Board), with institutions, companies and some of the most active youth-led organizations in Greece.
Get Involved main initiative is the Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank for university students, the only in European level. Get Involved is also the publisher of the e-journal Future Economic Lab Journal and has organized Career Days as well as Scientific Seminars in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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Future Economic Lab Journal

In May 2018, Get Involved initiated the project of publishing its e-journal the, thenceforth, Future Economic Lab. After two pilot issues, the project has entered its second phase. In this phase, the Future Economic Lab Journal accepts articles written both in Greek and/or in English, on condition that the journal’s writing requirements are followed (for more information go to the Guide for Authors section). The evaluation process follows strict academic protocols and a blinded review process.
The goals of this project are met through the cooperation of the Get Involved Team, the Scientific Team and the Advisory Board of Get Involved. The Scientific Team is comprised of Ph.D. candidates from Greek and Foreign universities, while the Advisory Board includes eminent academics and qualified professionals. 

Topics and Call for Papers

The main aspiration of this initiative is to fill the gap between scientific research and the market’s research needs and serve as a bridge for their co-integration. To achieve this, our Scientific Team proposes topics interrelated to sectors of high interest and demand. The proposed topics will vary and change over time in order to follow the requirements in market demand. Furthermore, through the cooperation of Get Involved Advisory Board and significant companies of the private sector, Future Economic Lab Journal will promote targeted periodic Call for Papers.
These Call for Papers will consist of two groups: the Corporate Suggested and the Academic Suggested. At all times, there will be a maximum of three active Call for Papers, while previous ones will always be visible.
The team of the Future Economic Lab Journal wants to clarify that each potential author is free to submit articles on different topics from those proposed but should be aware that the scope of this initiative is Economic; so the submitted articles should have a correlation with the corresponding Science.

 Proposed Topics

Unconventional monetary policies and Wealth Inequality
Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth
The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the financial sector
The use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for the creation of a more transparent and effective economic and financial environment.

Call For Papers

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Period: 20/02/2021 to 31/07/2021
Type: Academic Suggested

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